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Who we are

Vallejo Project is a community service center designed to improve outcomes for youth.


What we do

We connect youth to multi-generational enrichment and development opportunities in the trades, arts, wellness, and culture.

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How we do it

We bring together a passionate group of educators to deliver leadership and professional training for youth ages 12-26.

On the first and fifteenth of every month there is an opportunity to win a local artifact or a cash prize.  Check the back of your Vallejo Project calendar to see if your number is up.


Vallejo Project supports artisan youth leaders who are ready to engage in the world around them with skill and confidence. The goal is that our youth leaders will transform the 21st Century workforce in our community. Our Events help to support that goal and are free to join unless noted otherwise (no RSVP required)

Vallejo Project Storytelling

We are eager to gather the stories of our commuity.  Let us know if you want someone to record your story.

Introducing Vallejo Project
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Do you need community?

Call: 707-534-8189

Homeless Resources?

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I found friends, learned a lot and helped people

- Amina, Youth Leader

Are you 16-26 years old?


Would you like help finding a meaningful path toward your goals?

Complete our Youth Leadership information Form or Call Us 707-534-8189 Ext 2.

We are looking for you!


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