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About Us

Helping Vallejo youth thrive.

"Vallejo Project has helped me feel like I'm ready to take on anything!"

- Trades program participant

Who we are

Vallejo Project is a community service center designed to improve student outcomes by connecting youth to multi-generational enrichment and development opportunities in the trades, art, wellness, and culture.

We bring together a passionate team of diverse students, educators, artists, and community advocates to offer weekly workshops and live webinars. We offer leadership and professional training through post-secondary education opportunities for youth ages 16-24 in a variety of fields.  In our programs, youth engage with local and international communities. We offer intensive training programs in filmmaking, web design, communication, project management, and business development.


Empowered youth


engaged in service


realizing their potential.


To engage youth in leadership empowered by service and community.

Meet our team


Youth Leader

Dr. Rucker is a licensed physician who has dedicated her life to underserved communities and spent 20 years as a country doctor in Visalia.



Youth Leader

Thomas is a Vallejo Project Youth Leader who is passionate about gardening, music and sustainability. Thomas co-leads the Urban Agriculture program at the Vallejo Unity Garden at Renaissance Family Center around the principles of sustainable and equitable food production for the community.



Youth Leader

Xochitl is Vallejo Project youth leader who initiated the Safe Space program. Xochitl has a passion for community health and joined Vallejo Project to learn how to combat preventable diseases and give back to her community in Vallejo. Xochitl worked with Jason on a peer to peer program for high school students.



Aaron is a Vallejo Project Youth Leader and college student with a passion for local politics and sustainability. His research has led to innovative solutions for our garden project. Aaron co-leads the Urban Agriculture program at the Vallejo Unity Garden with Thomas.

Youth Leader

Youth leader

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Vallejo Project's organizational structure 

Sydney VP_edited.png


Youth Leader

Sydney Allen is a 19 year old Vallejo Project youth leader. She is an aspiring Filmmaker and is committed to living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

Fernando VP_edited.png


Youth Leader

Fernando Prado is a 19 year old Vallejo project youth leader. He has a passion for carpentry and building.



Youth Leader

Keith is a youth leader with a passion for service and understanding.  Keith has experience supporting youth camps.

Dr. Rucker.PNG

Dr. Mylene Rucker

Founding Director

Dr. Rucker is a licensed physician who has dedicated her life to underserved communities and spent 20 years as a country doctor in Visalia.

Paul VP.jpg

Paul Kirsch


Paul is a Vallejo Teacher who has a background in filmmaking, gardening and model boat repair.  He has participated in grant writing and reading for many years. Paul is a responsible Vallejo resident who is committed to making a difference.


Adjoa McDonald

Founder | Chair

Adjoa is a long-time Vallejo resident and has been an urban educator for thirteen years. She is a credentialed administrator and has a Masters in Educational Leadership.


Veronica Boe

Senior Director of Sponsored Programs and Extended Learning at Cal State University Maritime Academy

Business Advisor

richard abbot photo.JPG

Richard Abbot

Richard is a local business owner who leads with a passion for community, restorative ecology, and economic development. He leads our music department investing in a restorative future for the youth of Vallejo and  America.

I enjoy coaching and mentoring future leaders and entrepreneurs.


Cynthia Allen photo.JPG

Cynthia Allen

Cynthia is the Founder of Wee Count child develment center that has a focus on Early Education Cultivating Our Urban Neighborhoods Together.  Cynthia Runs the food delivery service for Vallejo Project.



John Edwards

Dr. John is an experienced thought leader in the public education sector. John has worked with public education policies in statewide DEI initiatives, and with local, state, and federal legislators on supporting public education initiatives. 



Kweku Middleton

Kweku is project lead for construction at the Sac Street Garden and resident trades expert for training and youth experience. He is passionate about trades and a point of contact for careers in the industry.

Carpentry Advisor


Dr. Peryna Washington-Dillard