Welcome to the calendar page! Each month we will celebrate the next month's picture and quote for the Vallejo Project Calendar! All of the pictures were taken in Vallejo by Yuji Morita!




Each calendar contains a raffle number, and www.VallejoProject.org does a raffle twice monthly: First, the prize is artwork from a local artist, and on the 15th, we give a cash prize, to help out with those lean end-of-month budgets.

November 1 & 15

Our November 1st & 15th Raffle Winner are 290 and 100!



I was driving back from San Francesco and this colorful sky was with me all the way home to Vallejo.  I took this shot off of Wilson Ave.

-- Yuji Morita

Check back on the 1st day of the next month for our next winner!

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