Our programs are designed to build a community that thrives

Vallejo Project's programs focus on wellness, cultural arts, and trades to meet youth where they're at and set them up for success for years to come.


Wellness Programs

Urban Agriculture


Our gardening efforts are focused on revitalizing the forgotten places within our community. Turning vacant lots into productive centers of education and outreach; centered on the production of clean, organic, foods for both community and personal consumption.


Drop In Garden Times


10am-1pm @ 2160 Sacramento St


12pm-4pm @ 2807 Sonoma Blvd

Community Health and Wellness


We are developing the presence of much needed activities for youth, both after school and on the weekends. One of the best ways to keep our youth successful in both their education and life after school is to provide safe, engaging, and educational opportunities for their free time. In this pursuit, we host physical activity workshops like yoga, music education and performance, and a practice of mindfulness.


Times by Appointment

Thursdays and Saturdays: 10am-1pm


Cultural Arts Programs

Cultural Arts


Vallejo remains to this day one of the most diverse cities in the United States. We want to take advantage of this beautiful opportunity by spreading the art and cultural history of our residents. Through educational events featuring local artists, and by providing space for youth of color to practice and display their artistic projects, we hope to develop the spirit that makes Vallejo and its residents so unique and to foster interest in cross-cultural connections.



Mondays: 9am-11am

Saturdays: 9am-11am

building trades.jpg

Trades Programs

Trade Education


Thousands of jobs in the trades remain unfilled in the US every year. These are high-paying, steady, union jobs that require less time and money upfront than a traditional college education. Our goal is to work with community trade leaders to educate the youth of Vallejo on basic skills and inspire them to pursue these rewarding and independent careers.


Times by Appointment

Mondays: 7pm-10pm

Saturdays: 7pm-10pm