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We provide programs ranging from six to twelve months to explore career pathways in trades, education, production, or healthcare.

Vallejo Project's programs center on wellness, communication, and trades, meeting youth at their current stage and positioning them for long-term success.


Wellness Pathway 

If you are interested in supporting our free clinic, please contact Dr. Peryna Washington at 559-777-3138.


Creating Safe Space 

Empowering Youth as Peer Mentors

In Vallejo, youth face significant hurdles to their overall wellness. Academic pressure, family issues, and socioeconomic factors contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression. Exposure to trauma and violence compounds these challenges. Limited access to affordable healthcare and mental health services exacerbates the situation, leaving many without support. Societal stigma around mental health further discourages seeking help. Vallejo Project aims to provide comprehensive support services, creating a safe space where youth can prioritize their well-being and access the assistance they need to thrive. 


Vallejo Project recognizes the importance of providing a safe environment for youth. Our programming at the Global Center for Success locations on 717 Marin St and 428 Georgia offers safe spaces for youth to gather after school on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Additionally, we provide enrichment classes such as music and yoga, allowing youth to explore mindfulness and self-expression in a secure setting. Moreover, Vallejo Project trains Youth Mental Health First Aid advocates, who offer peer-to-peer support and are equipped to identify and refer those in need.

Times by Appointment

Mondays: 4 pm-8 pm

Wednesday: 4 pm-8 pm

Fridays: 4 pm-8 pm

Saturdays: 10 am-1 pm

Sundays: 10 am-1 pm


Communication Pathway

Cultural Arts


Effective communication is crucial, yet many young people struggle with expressing themselves and understanding others, impacting their social and professional prospects. Additionally, digital communication's rise often diminishes face-to-face skills, and traditional communication methods can exclude those with special needs.

Communication Pathways addresses these issues by helping youth develop robust communication skills through storytelling, podcasting, and digital production. These initiatives not only enhance their ability to articulate thoughts and engage with others but also prepare them for success in a globally connected environment.


Understanding oneself is paramount to respecting others and effectively expressing oneself in the world.


Vallejo stands as one of the most diverse cities in the United States, presenting a unique opportunity to celebrate the art and cultural heritage of its residents. Through educational events featuring local artists and providing platforms for youth of color to showcase their artistic endeavors, we aim to cultivate the essence that defines Vallejo and its inhabitants, fostering an appreciation for cross-cultural connections.

Storytelling - podcast

This pathway offers an introduction to basic digital production, podcasting, and storytelling. Storytelling breathes life into learning, creating an interactive and engaging experience that allows young learners to immerse themselves in language in a dynamic and often entertaining manner. Active participation using key vocabulary and phrases promotes an understanding of rhythm and structure. Moreover, storytelling amplifies student voices, offering unique perspectives on community issues.

PODCASTand OZCAT Radio Show Tuesdays 8 am-10 am

Music Clinics

Our music clinic serves as a powerful means of communication, allowing individuals to express emotions, intentions, and meanings, even when spoken languages differ. It serves as a vital avenue for human interaction, especially beneficial for those with special needs who may encounter difficulties with other forms of communication.


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Trades Pathway


Despite thousands of unfilled positions in the trades across the US annually, these roles offer high-paying, stable employment opportunities, often requiring less time and investment compared to traditional college pathways. Our objective is to collaborate with community trade leaders to equip Vallejo's youth with fundamental skills and ignite their interest in pursuing these lucrative and self-sustaining career paths.


The Carpentry Pathway program at Vallejo Project is designed to equip all participating youth with the necessary skills and training for preferred entry into Local 180's pre-apprenticeship carpentry program. Through our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Carpenters Union, we offer an introductory carpentry curriculum that includes OSHA 10 safety training. The program is structured into two main components: a classroom section that covers the basics of carpentry and a hands-on training lab led by an experienced journeyman carpenter.


Urban Agriculture

Our gardening initiatives aim to transform neglected spaces within our community into thriving hubs of education and outreach. We convert vacant lots into productive areas focused on growing clean, organic food for both community and personal use.


Drop-In Garden Times


12 pm-2 pm @ 2160 Sacramento St

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