Without all the noises in my head that created the worse kind of thinking, I can finally think clearly. Without the pain that had a blockage in my chest, I can finally feel my heartbeat. Without the disturbance of chaos, I can finally withstand the rain. Without every ounce of numbness that had a hold on my body, I can finally feel. Without being stuck on flash backs on my traumatizing experiences, I can finally hear. Without holding myself back from myself, I can finally love my inner child. Without not being able to come up for air, I can finally breathe. Without being a broken little girl that is voiceless, I can finally speak. Without being fearful, I can finally become fearless. Without having dead dreams, I can finally make my dreams come alive. Without being trapped in the darkness, I can finally walk in the light. -Ja’Leah Smith 19

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#youth #strength